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In 2019, I spent a night with The Brotherhood, a group of unpaid vigilante activists who fix dangerous potholes that the Malaysian government ignore.

In some of our videos or photos, you may have seen us wearing shirts that says “Ikatan Silaturahim”. This is our small attempt at raising awareness for this group who put themselves on the line to help save the lives of others, who also put pressure on the government and have been remarkably effective at getting things done.

I’ll add a full video and write-up to this page soon. The reason I’m uploading this now before it’s ready, is because a video we did while riding in Peru where we compared the road condition to that of Malaysia, has recently been making the rounds in Malaysian media. I don’t care what the opinions of critics are, but as there are some sources claiming that we don’t know anything about the conditions of the roads in Malaysia, I thought it might be helpful to show this and disprove them, just so the efforts of the Brotherhood are not being undermined.

There will be more to come shortly, but for now, here’s a bit of the action: